This Revolutionary New Toothbrush Is So Popular That The Company Just Can’t Keep It In Stock


Every once in a while a product hits the market that changes the way we live normal, everyday life, for the better. This is one of the those products.

The design of the toothbrush hasn’t changed very much over the years, over a century to be exact. While the current, basic toothbrush design does a decent job at cleaning our teeth and gums, it could do much better. And that was the exact idea behind MYST. A new, automatic toothbrush that was designed by a team of actual dentists.

In just 30-seconds, twice a day using MYST, you are able to achieve dental grade cleanings on both your teeth and gums.

With three different speed settings and MYST’s revolutionary XRT technology, the automatic toothbrush will clean every surface of every tooth, simultaneously. In addition, MYST will also clean and stimulate the gum line, removing any bacteria and plaque that may be present.

At first I was skeptical, so I decided to try MYST out for myself. I was not disappointed.

When I received my MYST package (well, three packages as I took advantage of the buy two get one deal), I found that the quality of construction was superb! The toothbrush itself was incredibly well made and I enjoyed the fact that the bristles were constructed of anti-bacterial silicone. It even came with it’s own charging dock.


I was so excited to try MYST that I used it right away, (even though you are supposed to fully charge it first). I put a little toothpaste on the top and bottom bristles, wet it and then popped it in my mouth. There are 3-different speed settings, so I tested it out on the middle setting. After 30-seconds I removed MYST, rinsed my mouth and I can honestly say – my mouth and teeth felt super clean and fresh.


Cleaning the toothbrush was very simple also. The entire unit is waterproof, so you just have to rinse it under warm water for a few seconds and it’s all cleaned and ready for the next use!

You can check out some other user experiences on their website too.

Right now MYST is offering some pretty great deals when it comes to making a purchase. They offer package deals and discounts if you purchase more than one at a time. There is a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping is also offered!

If you are looking for a better oral clean, enjoy saving time and keeping yourself safe from gum disease, MYST is most certainly worth checking out!