Texas Valedictorian Delivers a Powerful Speech Against The State’s Anti-Abortion Bill


Paxton Smith is a valedictorian of Lake Highlands High School’s Class of 2021, and she’s the woman that decided to ditch her original and approved speech to pull a last-minute switch and talk about a topic that’s very important to her (and us!) – women’s rights.

Ever since Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that bans abortion from as early as 6 weeks, Smith wanted to do something about it and point out how wrong it is. So, when Smith came to the mid for her speech, she took out a piece of paper that was tucked into her shirt and gave an amazing speech that addressed the school, her state, and the country.

The speech is so powerful that it immediately made waves around the internet, and now it’s been making headlines around the world. Check out Paxton Smith’s speech for yourself below:

Among the people that praised Paxton’s speech was non-other than Hillary Clinton:

Check out what others had to say about Paxton’s take on an issue that’s been bothering millions of women:

Source: Bored Panda