Taliban Spokesperson Promises They Won’t Persecute Women


The Taliban held their first press conference in Afghanistan since their sweeping conquest of Kabul this week, and the man that will likely be the next country leader arrived in the country after a 20-year exile.

The Taliban spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, however, claimed in the press conference that there’s a huge conference between the Taliban of 20 years ago and now. Namely, he said that girls will receive an education in the country, on the contrary to what happened 20 years ago, and they’ll be allowed to study at university. He also claimed that they want women to be a part of the new government.

However, judging by the last time Afghanistan was under the rule of the Taliban, women and girls remain the most at risk under the new regime.

The Taliban also said that women will have to wear hijabs under the new government, but not burkas. Although Muhajid did not detail what restrictions would be imposed on women, he did say that the new government has ‘strong Islamic values’.

‘We are committed to the rights of women under the system of Sharia. They are going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. We would like to assure the international community that there will be no discrimination. We are going to decide what kind of laws will be presented to the nation. This will be the responsibility of the government with the participation of all people.’ – he added.

Minutes before the press conference, it was confirmed that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s deputy leader had arrived back in Kandahar from Qatar.

Check out the press conference in its full below:

Source: Daily Mail