Study Shows More Teen Girls Graduate High School When They Have Free Birth Control


According to a recent study conducted by the United States Census Bureau, more teens graduate from high school when they have affordable access to birth control.
On top of that, women achieve more educationally when they have access to birth control – which is to be expected.

The data from the study proves that the high school graduation rates increased for high school girls with the expansion of no or low-cost birth control options.

Colorado started the Colorado Family Planning Initiative in 2009, and it increases access to contraceptives by making every contraceptive method that’s been approved by the FDA federally funded or very low cost.

No forms of birth control were off the table for low-income patients in Colorado, even IUD, which is more effective for many women.

The research showed that CFPI reduced the share of Hispanic women not graduating high school by 21.8 percent and increased the high school graduation rates for Hispanic women in Colorado by 2.1 percent.

On top of that, it resulted with a 2 percent overall increase in high school graduation rates for young women and a 14 percent decrease in the proportion of young Colorado women without a high school diploma.

Source: Scary Mommy