Strong Rebellion Figure Solitude Commemorated By the City of Paris


The city of Paris, the capital of France, plans to put up a statue of Solitude – a figure that resembles rebellion. The statue will be placed at a public garden that opened in her honor.

Solitude was a Black woman that was involved in the 1802 uprising against slavery on the French Caribbean island of Guadaloupe, and she was captured by colonizers. It’s most likely that she paid with her own life for her role in the rebellion.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo cited the ribbon to the park, which is also called Solitude, as a ‘strong symbol’ of heroism.

BBC News reports that France’s history of slavery is under immense scrutiny lately.

Although Solitude and her legacy are not widely known, she had an incredible effect on the course of history. Her story is of monumental significance. To add to that, she was pregnant when she was captured, and she has only one brief written mention in a 19th Century history of Guadaloupe.