Social Standards: You Talk Smack About My Size 0 But I Shouldn’t About Your Size 15


Some people are naturally skinny and others tend to gain weight more easily, so commenting on people’s weight should never be anyone’s concern. However, there is a double standard that society has kind of accepted as normal. It seems to be pretty OK to comment things like “You should eat more, you are too skinny” when it considered really offensive to you say “You should it less, you are too fat”.

When has it become socially acceptable to bully someone over their smaller size but when the opposite is done everyone freaks out? The phrase “You need a cheeseburger” has become so popular as a comment without people realizing it can make a thin young girl really self-conscious about her body as much as being fat shamed.

Social media nowadays is all about “body positivity” and “loving yourself” but it seems like the only ‘love’ we are spreading is about bigger women. “A real woman” is also a phrase that is used a lot, and apparently, the only ‘real women’ are size 8 and above.

Where is this hate for the smaller sizes coming from? If you really wanna talk about unrealistic body images on social media, since when is it harmful to be (or want to stay) in the lower weight range?
Skinny girls have often been made of fun too, with people saying things like ‘you have no ass/breasts’. However, when you complain about it, you often get the ‘oh you are lucky to be skinny, shut up.’

Negatively judging someone over their physical appearance should never be okay. Bigger girls who bully skinnier girls online are no better than the ones who pick on them really. You can never know someone’s reason behind their current weight and it goes both ways, so how about we stop making it our business. As an end, here’s one nice quote about it.