Side-By-Side Photos Of Family Members Show How Strong Genetics Are


Ulric Collette is a Canadian designer, graphic designer, and photographer whose work asks the essential questions about our own identity. Where do we come from? Who are we? Do family members resemble each other, how much do they differ, and what’s the role of genetics in physical appearance?

He created a unique project in which he illustrates the genetic similarities between different members of the same family. From mother and daughter, father and son, to siblings, grandparents, and cousins, he explores the power of genetics across the family tree.

Check out some of his work below, and tell us what you think about it in the comment section!

1. Grandmother, 61, and granddaughter, 12

2. Brothers, 30 and 29

3. Sisters, 19 and 16

4. Sisters, 32 and 26

5. Father, 54, and son, 23

6. Mother, 37, and daughter, 16

7. Son, 19, and mother, 41

8. Sister, 12, and brother, 11

9. Twins, 20

10. Cousins, 29