Sia Named ‘Worst Director’ For Her Controversial Debut Film “Music”


Sia’s movie titled ‘Music’ won three of the infamous and controversial Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst movies of the year. Namely, the singer has been named the ‘worst director for her film, where actress Kate Hudson won the award for the worst actress for the same movie, and Maddie Ziegler won the ‘worst supporting actress award.

Many people have criticized the movie for casting Ziegler for the role, and her portrayal of autism in the movie. According to some, it was ‘insensitive’ and ‘ill-conceived autism musical’.

The movie is about a woman named Zu who became the guardian of her younger autistic half-sister.

Sia had previously apologized for casting her protege Ziegler as a nonverbal autistic girl, and for the scenes that depict the use of restraints on autistic people.

Sia tweeted that she plans to remove the restraint scenes from all future printings, and added that she listened to the wrong people. She admitted that it’s her responsibility, but her research was clearly not thorough enough and not wide enough.