Serena Williams’ Husband Made a Powerful Statement By Wearing An Interesting T-shirt


Serena Williams wowed everyone with her tennis at 2021 Australian Open, but that’s not all that impressed the world. It was also her amazing outfit!

However, this article is not about Serena’s striking outfit, but about the fact that she was outdone in the fashion department by non-other than her husband Alexis Ohanian. At one of her matches, he wore a t-shirt calling her the ‘greatest’!

Serena will face Naomi Osaka in the semi-finals on Thursday, but it was her husband’s t-shirt that drew the attention of the internet.

As you (probably) noticed, the Ohanian’s t-shirt read ‘Greatest Female Athlete’. However, the word ‘female’ was crossed out, which drew even more attention!

Apparently, the t-shirt was Ohanian’s way of calling out the billionaire tennis boss Ion Țiriac who suggested a month ago that the 39-year-old Williams should retire because of her ‘age and weight’.
This is what Ohanian had to say about Țiriac in a follow-up tweet.

This is not the first time Ohanian had made statements with his outfit choice during his wife’s matches.