Self-Love Challenge Has People Sharing What They Love The Most About Their Bodies


If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us something, is that despite being there for our loved ones, we should all learn to love ourselves a bit more.

That’s why the ‘self-love’ challenge that’s been recently trending on TikTok gained so much popularity. The challenge encourages people of all kinds to celebrate their bodies, and it has them share their favorite body parts.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re all beautiful! That’s why we love this challenge so much, and that’s why hundreds of people jumped in and shared close-up photos and videos of their bodies and shared what they love most about their bodies.

The challenge was started by model Ashely Graham, who shared a video in which she celebrated her body and encouraged her followers to do the same.
Check out the initial video that started the whole challenge:

She then invited everyone to follow her example and celebrate their bodies. Her video has since been viewed almost 2.5 million times, and around a thousand people shared their own photos and videos as a part of the challenge. Check out some of the entries for yourself below, and feel free to share what’s your strongest and favorite part of your body.

Source: Upworthy