School Edits All Traces Of Girls’ Cleavages In The Yearbook Photos Of 80 Girls


Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns County, Florida, made headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. As it turns out, the prudish school had been editing the students’ yearbook photos and managed to cover all traces of girls’ cleavage. Yes, you read that right!

All of the photoshopped photos featured girls, and the news about the ‘coverage’ broke after Action News Jax reporter Ben Ryan shared the investigation on Twitter. The school district claims that girls’ yearbook photos must follow certain dress code guidelines, so they deemed 80 photos inappropriate.
The boys’ photos, however, were left unedited – even the ones from the swim team.
Check out Ben Ryan’s viral thread for yourself below:

This is what people had to say about the controversial case regarding the school’s Photoshop usage to cover girls’ cleavage:

Source: Bored Panda