School District Defends Choice For Female Prom King And Prom Queen Despite Parent Objections


The decision to have a prom king and queen at Kings High School in Warren County, Ohio, has been supported by officials.
This comes after students and parents voted to have two females as prom king and prom queen for this year’s prom.

One of the parents said that they believe there are still two genders – a male and female. However, the school board held a meeting in which they decided that it’s okay to have a prom king and prom queen that are both females.

Another parent said that this was an active and collective decision made by the student body, which shows that they’re not afraid to take a stand for things that matter to them.

However, the opinions on the matter on social media varied.

Although the district is aware that the comments on its official Facebook page were divided, they grew increasingly supportive of the prom king and queen.

This is what Dawn Gould of Kings Local School District said:

“The queen and king that were nominated and won were thrilled, they were so excited and they feel so supported at school. What is great is it shows a lot of the character of our students at Kings High School. They’re inclusive and they get it.”

Source: Fox19