School Bans Skirts After Claiming They’re ‘Far Too Revealing’ And ‘Inappropriate’


Lee Jarvis is the headteacher of St Martin’s School in Caerphilly, South Wales who said that was sick of girls wearing skirts in school too short, so he banned them altogether.
The headteacher has outlawed all skirts because of their ‘inappropriate’ length, and the new rules state that youngsters must wear either tailored trousers or shorts.

Many parents have been furious and said that the skirt ban was ‘unfair’, especially after they bought uniforms for the students. However, many other schools across the UK have also introduced similar rules in recent years.

This is what Mr. Jarvis’ email read:

‘Over the last couple of years, our school community has had concerns over the length of some learners’ skirts. Staff and learners are included in this and members of the public have frequently contacted the school to complain about what they regard as highly inappropriate and far too revealing attire for the workplace.
Despite us attempting to educate learners as to appropriate school wear and issuing school-badged skirts of an appropriate length, we have not been effective in ensuring that learners adhere to appropriate workplace attire. We have therefore concluded that this item of clothing needs to be removed from our uniform policy from September and replaced by tailored shorts for hot weather or alternatively trousers. I felt it was prudent to write to let you know this in plenty of time before we all begin to consider purchasing a new uniform for September. ‘

Many angry parents have since hit out at the new rules and said that they now must spend more money on new uniforms. They claim that it’s unfair and that they believe the school should have addressed this per child, and not penalize the whole school.

The school and Mr. Jarvis hadn’t commented further on the matter.

Source: Daily Mail