Republican Congresswoman Says She’ll Introduce Impeachment Articles Against Joe Biden


The House of Representatives voted to impeach outgoing President Donald Trump on Wednesday for his role in encouraging the riots at the US Capitol last week. As we all know, the January 6 riots put the lives of lawmakers in danger, including his own Vice President.
Trump became the first President in US history to be impeached twice! 10 Republicans voted in favor of the impeachment, and it was also the most bipartisan impeachment in US history to date.
Some of Trump’s most loyal Republican allies in Congress decided to stick by him even after his campaign against the election integrity fueled the riots.
One of those Republicans is US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She appeared on the Newsmax network a few hours after Trump was impeached – again.

She said that ‘we cannot have a President of the United States that is willing to use the power of the office and be easily bought by foreign governments – such as foreign Chinese Energy companies and Ukrainian energy companies’.
She noted that she’ll be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden on January 21.
She also mentioned the unproven claims that Joe Biden used his position as Vice President to help enrich his son Hunter Biden.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of Greene’s Republican colleagues, had a lot to say about this stunt.

Expectedly, Twitter mocked the hell out of Greene for her Biden impeachment statement:

Source: Secondexus