Pope Francis Reassures Parents Of LGBT Children That God Loves Their Kids As They Are


Pope Francis has been praised for his actions in the past, and his recent coming to a group of parents of LGBT children only further proves that. As reported by the American Magazine, Pope Francis told a group of parents of LGBT children that God loves their children as they are, and the church loves them because they’re children of God.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Italian parents, members of Tenda di Gionata – an organization that advocates for LGBT Christians.

The vice president of the association, Mara Grassi, told Pope Francis that their association aims to foster dialogue between the church and the families of LGBT people, and she further added that they consider themselves fortunate because they had to change the way people look at LGBT children.

“We found a new way of looking that enabled us to see in them the beauty and love of God. We wish to create a bridge to the church so that the church too can change its way of looking at our children, no longer excluding them but fully welcoming them.” – she told the pope.

According to Grassi’s account, Pope France reassured her, “The church does not exclude them because she loves them deeply.”
Grassi, who has a gay child, said she experienced “very strong emotions” during the meeting.

She stated that “for many years I was like a blind person. After I came to know that my son was homosexual, I suffered a lot because the rules of the church made me think that he was excluded from the love of God. Nobody helped me.”
Her outlook was changed when she met Christians with gay children and Rev. Paolo Cugini, who explained to her that “faith and homosexuality are not in opposition, and that God loves my son as he is.”
She added that her son had “left the church because he did not feel accepted in his diversity.”

Reportedly, Pope Francis reassured her that the church doesn’t exclude any child, and it loves them deeply no matter what.
Grassi opened up about her experience as a church member and the mother of a gay child. She suffered a lot because the rules of the church made her think that he was excluded from the love of God, but her outlook changed when he met fellow Christian parents with gay children.

Thankfully, the church in Italy is now in opposition to homosexuality, and we hope it will remain that way and expand its view on other countries (for example, the US).