Piers Morgan Shames Emily Ratajkowski For The Way She’s Holding Her Baby


The controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan has taken a pop against new celebrity parent Emily Ratajkowski. Namely, he shared a photo of the actress and model Ratajkowski holding her baby boy Sylvester on Twitter, and wrote that ‘that’s not how you hold a baby’. He also noted that her millions of followers shouldn’t be encouraged to do the same, and even offered her some tips if she needs them.

This is the photo Morgan, a dad-of-four, commented on:

His tweet racked up almost 8k likes, but it seems that some people agree with him that Ratajkowski is holding the baby ‘wrong’:

Emily Ratajkowski gave birth to her son three months ago, and she shared the photo with her 26.7 million Instagram followers on Sunday.

Source: mirror.co.uk