People Show Off Their ‘Glow Up’ After Moving Out From Conservative Homes


Finding out who you really are and gaining the confidence to be the person who you always wanted to be takes a lot of courage, and you sometimes need to leave your family home or your hometown to finally be able to express what’s deep inside of you.

Cherryemojigirl is 19-year-old TikToker from Utah that started off a popular trend on TikTok. People started sharing their own impressive transformations after they left their conservative hometowns, and the results are very impressive. Many shared their own inspirational stories of change, and some of the ‘glow-ups’ are as radical as it gets.
Check out some of the best TikTok glow-ups below, and feel free to share which one inspired you the most and why.

This is Cherryemjoigirl’s story that inspired hundreds of people to share their own stories:


If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now. #iykyk #gaytiktok #lesbian #lesbiantiktok #lgbt #lgbtq #fyp #glowup

♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

These are some of the most inspirational stories of the TikTok glow-up challenge:


Source: Upworthy