People Complain That #BidenLied And Demand The $2,000 Stimulus Checks He Promised Right Now


The hashtag #BidenLied has been trending on Twitter in recent days as American people are demanding the $2,000 stimulus check Biden promised to deliver during his presidential campaign.
The hashtag gained a lot of popularity over the weekend after the Democratic Party posted a tweet in which it outlined Biden’s plan to distribute the $1,400 stimulus checks to American families, in addition to the $600 checks that were approved earlier this month. However, many people were outraged at the size of the checks, and accused Biden of lying and going back on his word. Even though the new president never made that promise, people claim that he said that he would add the $2,000 on top of the original $600 checks.

The $900 billion COVID relief package was passed by Congress in December, and the $600 checks already begun arriving around the US. Biden referred to the sum as a ‘down payment’, and he vowed to provide additional aid to Americans as soon as he took office. He also announced his own $1.9 trillion ‘American Rescue Plan’ a few weeks ago, and he said that they’ll finish the job of getting a total of a $2,000 in cash to people who need it the most. He added that the $600 already appropriated is just not enough.

However, many people misunderstood Biden’s plan and thought that they’ll get the full $2,000 right now. So, they started accusing the President of lying. The criticism was led by podcast host Ryan Knight, who wrote that $2000 is not $1,400 and accused Joe Biden of either lying or being bad in math.
Other critics wrote that they’re ‘full of fury and disbelief that people could defend walking back from a campaign promise made in the middle of a pandemic to give people $2,000 checks to help them.

Needless to say, most of these people have been previously writing pro-Trump tweets.

Source: Daily Mail