Mom’s Lesson About How Favors Work Both Ways Is Resonating On The Internet For a Good Reason


Favors should always work both ways, and this valuable lesson that was recently shared to the popular MadeMeSmile subreddit brilliantly explains why.

The post was shared with the notion that it’s a great parenting example, but it’s a valuable example that everyone needs to learn from.

We don’t know who posted the original lesson online, but it’s about an individual that learned how to be a good neighbor by their mother.

Everyone wants to feel valued, and dignity is a very important thing to maintain. The lesson gained a lot of attention on Reddit and some shared that they had never thought about the implications of giving a helping hand to someone. Additionally, some people that grew up with limited means shared the other hand of the story and how the feeling of being equally helpful helped them maintain a sense of dignity.

Without further ado, check out the lesson for yourself below.

Check out some of the most popular responses to the valuable life lesson:

Source: Upworthy