Mom Says You Should Throw The Whole Husband Out If He Can’t Accept Your Body


Lindsay Wolf is an author and a body-positivity advocate from Concord, New Hampshire, and she recently wrote a body-positivity column for Scary Mommy. She writes that even though you may be worrying that you’ll never have a physically wonderful body, everyone can have a fabulous body, because, as defined in her book, a fabulous body is one that’s attached to a human being.

Wolf shares her body-positive and self-love inspired stories on Instagram, where she has a large following.

She writes that she was standing in front of her own reflection about two years ago, and she was looking at her mom-bod. She gained a whopping 75 pounds to grow both of her kids, and, as a result, her body had undeniably changed. No matter what she did to force it back into thinness, her body just wouldn’t get thin. She was pissed at her body for “betraying” her at first, and that’s when it hit her. She got the idea to begin understanding why she was pressuring herself to be thin for so long in the first place. So, she just decided to stop trying to lose weight altogether.

“And hot damn, it feels good to be a happy, fat mama.”

Wolf “blames” her husband for why we see her on Instagram, and she says that he’s the reason she finally stopped forcing herself to lose weight, so she wants to make an example out of him.

Her husband Matt had the audacity to tell her that he loves her and accepts her for who she is a few years ago, and he told her that he finds her more attractive at the size she currently is that when she was “bone-thin”.

At first, she thought that Matt was making a joke about her weight gain, but she notes that he has also gained some weight since they first started dating. She noticed, though, that even he was looking bigger, she found it utterly adorable and enjoyed having more of him to love.

Sadly, though, she couldn’t direct those positive feelings towards her own body.

Wolf writes that women can’t be the ones to blame because we all literally see images of dad bods on the internet every day, and a man looking bigger does not receive nearly as much judgment as a woman existing in a bigger body. The most surprising thing to her has been how much Matt accepts her, whether she’s a size 4 or size 18.

Wolf has a question for all the husbands out there who pull this kind of b-s: Why is it okay to find your wife attractive while she’s working to maintain that impossible effort of staying exactly the same throughout the marriage? How can you even look at your partner with anything other than awe at what her superhero body did when she gave birth to your children?