Mom Posts Video Of ‘Possessed’ Daughter After Her Drink Was ‘Spiked’ Drink Night Club


The mom of the 18-year-old Millie Taplin shared a harrowing video of her daughter looking ‘possessed’ after someone spiked something in her drink at the Moo Moo nightclub in Southend, Essex. It was her first night out after turning 18, and a man she had been talking to offered her a drink. Reportedly, he told her to ‘try the drink’, and the 18-year-old accepted it and took a couple of sips. Within a few minutes, the girl began to feel sick and said that she had been ‘spiked’.

The girl’s mom explained that the girl knew she wasn’t feeling drunk, and she knew it wasn’t right. She couldn’t walk nor see, so her friends contacted her older sister, who drove her to the hospital. Her mom arrived a bit later, and she shared the footage of her daughter, showing the sight that met her.

Warning: The video below contains distressing content:

The doctors said that Millie had probably been spiked with two different substances: one to paralyze and one to knock her out.

The mom is aware that the video of her daughter is rather disturbing, but she pointed out that if it saves just one girl, it’s worth sharing.
Millie remained in that state for about three to four hours before she returned to normal and she was discharged from hospital later the same morning.

Source: Unilad