Mom In Tears After She Has To Get Back To Work Just 12 Days After Giving Birth To Premature Baby


Parents shouldn’t be forced to choose between going to work and spending time with their newborn children, because balancing a full-time job and being a parent is hard enough. However, if you have a premature baby, and you still have to go back to work (because that’s how the parental leave works in the US), it’s truly heartbreaking.

Rebecca Shumard is a new mom that goes by the TikTok name @edensmomma10_12, and she recently shared a video in which she filmed herself crying because she had to go back to work despite giving birth to a premature born baby. Namely, she gave birth to her daughter Eden at just 27 weeks, but just 12 days after childbirth, she had to get back to work.

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The BBC Worklife reports that the US is the only wealthy country in the world without a national paid parental level program. Only 21 percent of US workers have access to paid family leave via their employers, and other parents have access to just 12 weeks of unpaid leave – if they work at a company with 50+ employees.

This is America.

This is how fellow TikTokers responded to the video:

Thankfully, Shumard and her daughter got the happy end they deserve:

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