Mom Embarrassed By Airport Security Shares Why We Need Breastfeeding Education


Every parent can tell you that traveling without your baby for the first time is a unique experience. You feel like you’re leaving your little one for good, you feel anxiety, pressure, and constant stress whether they’re doing okay. However, as bad as this sounds, it’s all 10 times worse if you’re breastfeeding. Besides being away from your baby, you have to pump milk every few hours so your body will keep producing enough milk, to avoid the risk of infection, and avoid the huge amount of discomfort.

As challenging as this is, it was even worse for Emily Calandrelli, a mom tht was taking a work trip and was away from her 10-week-old son.

Calandrelli is an aerospace engineer, the host of the popular Netflix kids’ science show ‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’, and a mom of two. A few weeks ago, she was taking her first work trip since she gave birth to her second child. The trip included a five-hour flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C So, Emily was planning to pump milk just before boarding the plane so she doesn’t have to pump during the flight.

She even brought ice packs to keep the milk from spoiling, and she was all packed, ready to board. However, it was then when she encountered a problem – the TSA agents refused to let her some of her supplies on the plane.

Emily shared the whole saga in a Twitter thread, but later deleted the thread because she was anxious and embarassed about the whole incident. However, she later decided to reshare the story in a new thread, and you can check it out for yourself below.

As Emily put it herself, there are still many ways in which the society is not supportive of motherhood, and we need to address this issue!

Source: Upworthy