Mom Blasts Haters Who Talked Down on Her Daughter for Dating a Black Guy


Probably every parent has a list of traits that they hope the person their child is dating would have. For example, all of us want our children to date someone respectful, kind, and caring. However, it turns out that some people also have race on that list.
Thankfully, Heather Boyer is a Mississipi mother who absolutely disagrees with that, and she undoubtedly approved her daughter’s relationship with a black man. The mom shared that he had all the characteristics that she felt her daughter deserved in a boyfriend. However, when her daughter changed her profile picture with her boyfriend next to her, the mom received a text that went against the man’s race and reveals the fact that not everyone shares her views when it comes to the things that matter in a relationship.

The mom received a text about her daughter’s profile picture from a person that had an issue with the skin color of her daughter’s new boyfriend. Although the mom was shocked, she chose not to respond to the next negatively, but she went on to use the experience to create a response to this kind of mentality and shared her thoughts in a heartfelt Facebook post.

This is what the post read:

This is how people responded to Boyer’s powerful post:

Source: Bored Panda