Men Held Signs Outside London Stations ‘As Punishment For Cheating’


People has been criticizing a stunt that’s believed to be an ad campaign for a dating app. Namely, the stunt was seen outside London tube and train stations across the city. More than a dozen of men were standing, holding a large sign that said they’d ‘cheated’ on their girlfriend.

The signs appeared at several locations across London, and the signs led the public to believe that the men had been unfaithful and their punishment was to wear ‘the shame’ in public.

The text on the signs said: ‘I cheated on my girlfriend on Thursday and this is my punishment.’

Many social media users posted photos of the men online, criticizing them and the whole campaign.

After many people posted photos of the men holding signs online, some started to speculate that it was just a clever way of advertising from the dating app Thursday.
The app also commented on the posts, saying that ‘they do not condone cheating’.

Source: LADBible