Men Confess All The Reasons Why They Like Older Women


We can all agree that most of us when thinking of a couple with age difference, we think of a younger woman with an older man. Couples, where the woman was older were not really good accepted in the past, but today the age difference doesn’t have a big role and people are more and more open to it. Maybe it is surprising to some of us, but a lot of men are actually attracted to women older than them and for many different reasons.

So, we decided to help in understanding this mystery and what exactly men find appealing in older women.

1. Older women know more about life

Older women have more experience in dating, relationships and life in general so they offer a new view on life. They help men to see themselves for what they are and motivate them to become better versions of themselves and achieve their goals.

2. They are confident and independent.
While younger women still need approval from the public and seek their place in the world, older women are comfortable in their own skin and their confidence is captivating.

3. Older women know what they want.

What men find really attractive is that an older woman has an exact idea of what she wants. While younger women are still exploring the world and sometimes create drama, older women are focused on improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

4. They are more emotionally mature.

Older women have been through more in life and it learned them to control their emotions and focus on the important things. However, this doesn’t mean they are boring, on the contrary, they know how to have fun and can be just as playful.

5. They have a more refined taste.

There are many men that love a more peaceful and calm lifestyle and older women complement that perfectly with more quiet hobbies like painting, gardening, and crafting. Also, nights at a jazz club or a restaurant instead of clubbing.

6. They are intellectual conversationalists.

Statistics show that more of the women over 30 have a degree and their experience in life makes them great conversationalists even on deeper topics. Having their own opinion on things makes them appealing to men.

7. They are financially stable.

Like women, men also want their partner to be financially stable. Older women already have well-established careers and their retirement funds are well taken care of.

8. Children have left the nest.

Not every man wants or can handle the responsibility of a child and that is okay. Having grown children allows the couple to focus on each other and their well-being.

9. A motherly relationship

It’s not a secret that men want to be taken care of. There are men with the so-called ‘mommy syndrome’ that need women to do a lot of things for them. However not every woman wants or can handle this behavior.

Do you know any couple like this or agree with these explanations?