Men Are Speaking Out About The Times They’ve Acted Creepy Towards Women


Believe it or not, people change! However, the first and most important step towards change is for you to want to change! It may sounds simple, but most of us would agree it’s very tough. The hardest part is admitting to yourself that your views are flawed, to identify the problems and working hard towards changing them.
Reddit user rocketbot99 recently took it to Reddit to ask fellow Redditors: “For men who used to be ‘creepy’ towards women and have since stopped, what was it that made you realize you were creepy that prompted you to change?”

The post gained a lot of popularity,  so it was not a surprise it had 8,000 replies! Many people shared how they changed their views towards misogyny, and we hope it serves as a good example for others to start the process of change and work towards makeing their worldviews better and start acting accordingly. Check out some of the most popular responses for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts of the issue in the comment section.