Meet The Boyfriend Pillow – The Gift You Didn’t Know You Needed


You got your Netflix on, it’s a cold evening outside, you’re ready for the perfect night in, and all that’s missing is that special someone to cuddle with.

Unfortunately, you feel like every good guy out there is taken, you’re single, and you are kind of out of options.

Well, don’t worry because Amazon has got your back.

This is the Boyfriend Pillow – and it is what it sounds like. For a low price, you can buy yourself a pillow that’s shaped like a person, and it comes with a soft arm to wrap around yourself. Even though it might seem ridiculous, the reviews have been mostly positive, and maybe you’ll be convinced otherwise once you try it.

The Boyfriend Pillow sells for $34.99 on Amazon, and you can have a plush arm wrapped around you for as long as you want. To add to that, it looks very realistic, and it’s even “dad approved”.