Man Who Won’t Adopt His Wife’s Son Conceived While Cheating Asks if He’s Wrong


Brace yourselves, because this is a wild one!

This is a story that includes children, infidelity, marriage, parenting, and everything in between. A Reddit user recently decided to take it to the popular sub ‘Am I The A-hole’ to ask if he was in the wrong or not for not adopting his wife’s baby.

In the story, the 27-year-old original poster shared that he used to have a wonderful relationship with the woman he loves. However, five years ago, she got drunk, had a one-night stand, and got pregnant from it. He’s sure that the kid isn’t his due to e horseback riding injury when he was a teen, and he didn’t get the guy’s name, so he’s out of the picture.

His wife decided to keep the baby, and even though they almost went through a divorce, couples therapy made them decide to try again.

The OP made it clear to her that he’s okay taking on a step-parent role, but he wasn’t willing to fully be his dad – and he wouldn’t adopt him. However, he would help raise him and get him off to college. His wife agreed to this and became a stay-at-home mom so she could take care of him, and the OP has been the fun uncle-like guy.

He shared that the boy even calls him ‘Uncle’ instead of dad, as he knows that he isn’t his father.

However, his wife recently started talking to him about adopting him – and he’s not willing to do that.

This greatly upset his wife, and she’s now trying to find a way to force him into adopting the boy. You see, there’s a backstory regarding the little boy, and you can check it out for yourself below.

Ouch! This is truly a wild story. However, for the sake of the little boy’s well-being, most people said that he should probably divorce her so both of them can move on. What do you think? Are there any a-holes here? Feel free to discuss the story in the comment section.