Latest Studies Say That Single Women Are The Happiest


The number of single women in the world is growing, and it’s a fact, no matter how someone feels about it. However, many people still believe that for a woman to be happy, she needs a man, even though it may not be the case. There are many signs that show that single women are actually happier in the modern world, and people should start to accept that.

One of the reasons is that women work harder in relationships. This is just a generalization, of course, but women tend to put more effort into building and maintaining their relationships. So, they just get tired of it all at some point, and 32% of women and only 19% of men aged from 45-65 have stated that they are happy to be single.

And we totally get it! It feels relaxing to just be single after a long relationship, and you can finally work only for yourself without feeling guilty or stressed out. You can finally go on that long trip you’ve always wanted, and there are no more family duties.

Love stops being the center of the universe, and single women discover true love for themselves. If a woman happens to have children, then in many cases that love is concentrated on them, and there is no space for a new man.

According to research, 75% of single women haven’t been searching for a new relationship in the past year, and when you see these numbers, you start to get it why.

The more they stay out of a relationship, the more they understand that they’re capable of doing everything by themselves, and there is no need to date just because they are alone.

They spend all their free time developing themselves, and it brings them joy and confidence.

And now we also know why men feel better in relationships – because they mostly rely on their partners or wives, for practically anything! Also, if a woman is single she tends to have more friends, while men are actually less active.

Do you agree with us? Do you also think that being single is good, or you think a woman needs a boyfriend or a husband to feel fulfilled?