Katie Bouman’s Male Colleague Stepped In Against People Who Trolled Her Over Black Hole Pic Credit


If you are not living under a rock, you probably heard about and saw the first photo of a black hole ever. Katie Bouman, the twenty-nine-year-old computer scientist was the one that shared a post on her Facebook profile announcing this event. Katie along with other four teams worked on making this really big thing happen, so the smile and excitement on her face while waiting for the last data to process was imminent.

The post got popular really fast and it wasn’t long before her face got the spotlight of this discovery, something that many people didn’t seem to like. Internet trolls were all over Bouman saying she was only part of the project not deserving all the credit she is getting. Namely, they were saying that the credit should go to Andrew Chael, who was listed as a primary developer on the project.

However, Andrew Chael, the actual guy was quick to jump in his female colleague defense, saying that all of these comments are coming from a misogynistic place stating: “It was clearly started by people who were upset that a woman had become the face of this story and decided, ‘I’m going to find someone who reflects my narrative instead.’”

He explained his support for her and the team as well as everyone’s role in a dedicated Twitter thread. Check it out below.

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