Jamie Lee Curtis Proudly Shares That Her Youngest Child is Trans


Coming out as an LGBT to your parents and close friends can be a traumatic process for many people, and most LGBTQ+ youngsters worry about whether they’ll be accepted for who they are and how their family and loved ones will react to the news.

Well, it comes as a piece of refreshing news to see that Jamie Lee Curtis proudly presented that her daughter is trans. In fact, Jamie praised her trans daughter and shared how proud she is.

The 62-year-old star has two girls, Ruby and Annie, and she recently opened up about her personal life to AARP The Magazine.

Jamie stated that her youngest daughter, the 25-year-old Ruby, is trans, and she shared that she and her husband Christopher Guest ‘have watched in wonder and pride as their son became their daughter Ruby’.


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Considering how many members of the LGBTQ+ community receive harmful comments and backlash on a daily basis, we celebrate the fact that Jamie is so supportive of her daughter and she didn’t hesitate to share her pride with the world.

Source: Distractify