Husband’s Letter On Wife’s Mirror About Her Bathroom Habits Divided The Internet


You only start to notice someone’s odd behaviors when you move in with them, and one of the places you are almost certain to find something strange is the bathroom. And why exactly the bathroom, you ask? It’s simple: because it’s there where you’re at your worst.
A letter written by a frustrated husband was shared on ABC Brisbane recently, and he ranted about his wife for her bathroom habits on Facebook. He even decided to tape “something” to the bathroom mirror one morning to get his wife “stick to the New Year’s resolution”:

This is what the letter reads:

It’s quite a long letter, we must admit. The post got the attention of people, and the opinions from people were divided.

Some users supported the husband and thought that it’s a good idea to write such a letter, while others thought that it’s a douchy move and that he’s her spouse, not her body corporate.

What do you think of this? What would your reaction be if you saw this letter taped down your bathroom mirror?