Husband Didn’t Tell His Baby-Fever Affected Wife He Had A Vasectomy Before They Got Married


We’ve been hearing since our youngest age that relationships are built on trust and communication – about anything! However, if there’s anything you absolutely cannot hide from your significant other, is your desire to have or not to have children.

One dude decided to take it to the popular sub-Reddit ‘Am I The A-Hole’ to ask if he was in the wrong for not telling his wife that he’s had a vasectomy when he was younger and therefore he can’t have children. Expectedly, the Internet took him to the ground, but I sincerely feel sorry for this woman. Check out the post for yourself below, and you be the judge.

Not only that he’s a massive, massive a-hole, but I honestly feel like he doesn’t deserve to have a wife after this. Fellow Redditors completely agree on this one, and deemed the OP to be a complete a-hole and a liar.