High School Student Gets Suspended & Arrested For Wearing A Crop Top To Class


Olivia Millentree is a senior at Pitman High School in Turlock, California that got thrown out of class and even arrested for wearing a crop-top to school.

One day, Olivia walked into class wearing the typical outfit for a teenager – a short-sleeved crop top and leggings. However, her teacher deemed it too inappropriate and said that she was ‘distracting’ and instructed her to put on a t-shirt.

Olivia protested the decision, feeling that what they were asking from her was unfair and sexist. As a result, she was given a suspension and was told to stay off-campus.

She told FOX40 that words were exchanged that shouldn’t have been exchanged, so she later came back to apologize for her behavior. However, the school resource officer handcuffed her in front of her peers and teachers and even issued a police report for trespassing.

Olivia was left frightened and humiliated, as not only she was suspended from school, but she was also banned from high school graduation.
Thankfully, many of her classmates have been rallying behind her and the school might just make changes to its dress code because of the protests.

Source: fox40.com