Hero Truck Driver Saves Girl From Parked RV After Noticing Curtain


Truck driver Kevin Kimmel is the hero that saved a distraught girl back in 2015 from an RV.
As it turns out, Kimmel stopped at a rest stop in New Kent, Virginia back in 2015 to have a cup of coffee. However, he soon noticed something strange inside an RV that was parked nearby. In the RV, he saw a young woman, sitting behind a dark-colored curtain.
He told WTVR that an old RV and black curtains are not something you see every day, and he could tell by the look on the girl’s face that something’s wrong.

Thankfully, he followed his instincts and called the police. As it turns out, he saved the young woman’s life that day!

Although he’s happy that he helped the girl, he now wants to spread awareness.

He still drives a truck and tours the country to speak about his experiences of such events. He shares the warning signs people should watch out for, and the importance of following the rule that if you see something strange, you should say something and call the police.

Source: Littlethings