He Called Her ‘Selfish’ When She Refused To Date Him Just So He’d Have A Place To Crash At


Dating apps are not an Airbnb service. Yes, you would probably wonder why do we feel the need to say this, well, apparently, there are people that clearly don’t feel the same way. This woman from Bakersfield, California, named Jackie, recently shared screenshots of a conversation with a guy who did not quite get understand these things.

Jackie explained the beginning of this story in a Facebook post.

And surprisingly enough for her, this is how the conversation between them continued.

She tried being sympathetic to the financial situation.

Jackie even tried letting him down easy saying she is looking for a long-term relationship and stability which in her opinion he lacked.

And then he decided to show his real face trying to insult her.

We would never judge homeless people as we don’t even know the background of this man, but one thing we can surely say, he is not a good person.