Halloween Costume Ideas You Should Avoid At All Cost


Halloween is approaching, and I know you all love it! It’s of the most fun holidays and you can really highlight your creative side by creating a one-of-a-kind costume.

Whether you want to create a costume your own, or will just buy an existing one from a store, there are some costumes you should avoid for all-cause. There are a whole lot of racist and sexist Halloween costumes which you should never-ever wear, and even though most of these should be obvious, we believe it would be helpful to remind you that you shouldn’t be offending anyone with your costume.

This is what you should never-ever do for your Halloween costume:

1. Any kind of blackface

This goes beyond saying, but blackface is the most racist thing you can do for Halloween. Don’t do it!

2. Dress your children in culturally offensive costumes

Even if you believe that kids are just kids, you should never dress your kid as a Native American, for example.

3. Never dress up as a refugee

Do you think this is creative and funny? There are millions of refugees around the world, and the idea of dressing up as one is just horrible.

4. Avoid costumes with a religious background

Although some people believe it’s okay to dress up in a costume with rich religious or cultural meaning, it can be crude and offensive to some people, so we suggest you don’t do it.

5. Don’t dress as a ‘hot soldier’

There’s a common trend for people to dress up in a ‘hot’ military uniform. However, this is disrespectful and demeaning to American women in the military and American veterans, and we suggest you avoid it at all costs.