Halle Berry Has The Perfect Comeback to Fan Who Said ‘She Can’t Keep a Man’


Although we’re not used to seeing Halle Berry as the celebrity that hits with the best social media clapbacks to haters, she recently ‘wrecked’ a fan who questioned her dating history in an Instagram post earlier this week.
The Oscar-winning actress recently posted a graphic that read: ‘Women don’t owe you s***’.


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One so-called fan responded by saying: ‘Says the women [sic] who can’t keep a man’.

As offensive as this is, Halle Berry took it upon herself to hit him with the best reply ever:

“who says i wanna keep the wrong man? cuz…… i don’t”

Her fans loved the clapback and immediately jumped on her defense. However, it looks like the Oscar-winning actress knows how to defend herself!

Source: ComicSands