Guy Created T-Shirts That Label Men Like We Do Women To Expose The Absurdity of Sexist Marketing


An anonymous man who goes by the Twitter handle @manwhohasitall has found a brilliant and simple way to illustrate how we condescend to women by speaking to men the same way.

ManWhoHasItAll highlights society’s ridiculous need to label the women who participate in traditionally male-dominated fields. For example, we can’t just say that Amy Schumer is a comedian, but it has to be known that she’s a “female comedian”.

ManWhoHasItAll found a brilliant way to spread the message: he created a collection of T-shirts that condescend to men by labeling them.
These t-shirts highlight the idea that we can be more inclusive by accepting women in positions usually held by men without the need to use a gender qualifier. Check out the t-shirts below, and you can find them at ManWhoHasItAll’s website.