‘Grumpy’ Husband Complains to Busy Mom That She’d ‘Let Herself Go’ After Giving Birth


Mom of a two-year-old child has recently revealed how her husband became ‘grumpy’ with her after she ‘let herself go’ ever since she gave birth to their baby.

The mom shared that she works part-time and looks after their child, and she decided to take it to the popular UK forum Mumsnet to ask others for advice. Namely, she said that her husband is ‘grumpy’ and ‘he couldn’t understand what was wrong with her’ for ‘massively letting herself go’ and ‘not looking anything like the woman he married’.

The woman admitted that she has ‘let herself go’ and she believes ‘he’s right’, but other moms thought otherwise. Hundreds of social media users advised her to tell him that she doesn’t exist in this world for his visual pleasure, and that she can do whatever she wants with her body!

Check out the post for yourself below:

Most users told her that she’s absolutely not in the wrong here, and noted that this is just another way for men to control women:

Source: Daily Mail