LGBT Haters Got What They Deserved After Complaining About a Lesbian Kiss At Pool


A recent video footage that was shared by The Black Bay Area media showed an enraged pool guests storming off after they told ‘a queer black woman’ to stop kissing her girlfriend in the pool because there were children present. The video showed a bunch of gay-hating people talking about the infamous ‘walk of shame’ at the Kimpton hotel pool in Sacramento.

The guests weren’t buying any of the anti-LGBT bs, and they shamed the whole ‘white party’ out of the Kimpton pool.

The incident caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram, including many celebrities.

The director of Sacramento LGBTQ+ Community Center said that the video showed the double standards that the LGBTQ+ community faces daily.


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The incident that occurred during Pride Month caught the attention of many, including comedian Kathy Griffin:

This is what others had to say about the incident:

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