Gay Therapist Says Why ‘Modesty Culture’ That Drives Women Blaming Is Wrong


Although the #MeToo movement grew immensely in the past few years, it’s sad to see how little things have really changed. Yes, a few powerful and privileged men fell down for their wrongdoings and were held accountable for their actions, but society’s mindset hasn’t changed much. Society still hasn’t confronted several important aspects of our culture when it comes to the treatment of women, and therapist Josh Weed decided to tackle the issue in a viral Twitter thread dating from 2017. Although the thread is almost 4 years old, it still rings true – even today!

In the thread, Josh shared that he’s a gay man that was raised in a heteronormative world, and he has always been baffled by the modesty culture of society. So, what’s modesty culture? It’s the notion that women need to dress in a way that doesn’t provoke a response in men – which is insane.
He believes it’s absolutely crazy that a man can look at a woman and say that he thinks she should wear something else because seeing her skin makes him feel aroused, and his arousal is so strong that he hasn’t learned how to appropriately manage it.

Josh believes that this is bonkers, especially when men start to claim that a woman is ‘worth’ more if she dresses a certain way.
However, if the woman doesn’t do this, men give themselves the right to chastise her and call her names, all because THEY are having a response.

He wrote that a man’s own respose is HIS OWN RESPONSIBILITY, and he knows this because he has never told another man how to dress, even though a man’s body arouses him.

“I have never told a man he should put his shirt on on a hot day when he is on a summer run. I have never demanded modesty from a guy. I have never expected men to stop wearing loose basketball shorts just because they might be revealing to me and turn me on. In fact, I have had, my entire life, been in situations where men take all their clothes off right in front of me (locker rooms, etc.). And guess what? Even though I have felt aroused, I have never EVER blamed another man for that arousal. My arousal is about ME. Not him” – he continued.

Josh’s thread gained a lot of popularity back in 2017, and it still holds true, even today. He took it to TikTok to address the issue once again, and we praise him for it all the way!


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