Gay Men Explain How They Let the Ladies Know


Although we’re well aware that it’s no one’s business if you’re gay or straight, it’s sometimes helpful to know. For example, this can happen to a gay man out in town, meeting an interested woman for the first time. So, it would be good for the woman to know not to waste her time right from the start – and that’s why most gay men are kind enough to have a plan on how to tell the woman why they’re not interested in her.

TikToker @ooop.jake recently started a trend on TikTok in which he explained how gay men let women know they’re gay with just a few words or gestures.
He encouraged other gay men to share their own experiences and the way they let a girl know so she doesn’t think they are hitting on her. You can watch his initial video below.


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Dozens of gay men jumped on the trend, and they shared how they let girls know that they’re gay. For example, one user said that he thinks his sexuality flies under the radar, so he’s had to deal with this a lot. Check out how he deals with the situation:


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Check out how other gay men resolve this ‘issue’ below:


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