Former Stripper Shares The Best ‘Humans of New York’ Story Ever


Humans of New York is an ongoing portrait series created by photographer Brandon Stanton and it has been around for nearly a decade. The project started off on Facebook, and it delivers honest, heart-wrenching, humorous, and often very emotional stories of regular folks on a regular basis. This week, however, Stanton shared a story that was truly unique.

HONY shared the story in three posts, and it turns out that Tanqueray has lived quite the life.
According to her, this was her “stripper name”, and she was thrown out from her house by her mom when she was just 17 years old for getting pregnant. She was then arrested for trying to retrieve her stuff, but she managed to rise from the ashes, study fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and make a career in designing costumes for adult movie stars and strippers.
She had an amazing wardrobe, and she was frequent at the New York City drag scene.

Tanqueray did not hold back words in telling Brandon Stanton her life story, and it’s quite the ride:

The feedback from Humans of New York Facebook and Instagram followers has been very enthusiastic, and it’s easy to see why.

In fact, even actress Jennifer Garner chimed in, and she suggested that Tanqueray’s life should become a Netflix series at some point.