“Fat Is Not Beautiful” Sweatshirt Released By Clothing Company Gets People Furious


The renowned clothing store Revolve has recently been under fire after they released a grey sweatshirt with a very, very questionable sign. The crop-top reads: “BEING FAT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL IT”S AN EXCUSE”. Body positivity activists, and pretty much everyone on the internet, are absolutely furious at the store.

Fashionista reports that the shirts displayed shaming quotes reportedly addressed to celebrities like Lena Dunham and Cara Delavigne, and the act of repurposing the ugly quotes on these tops was intended to be empowering.

Oh, they couldn’t possibly imagine how this idea might backfire. The internet, almost expectedly, savagely slammed the brand, and body-positivity model and author Tess Holiday took a screenshot of the sweatshirt and reposted it with the caption:
“LOLLLLL @REVOLVE y’all are a mess”

There’s a small print on the sweatshirts that reads “as said to”, and on the bottom, it reads “AS SAID TO @PALOMIJA”, which refers to none other than Paloma Elsesser, the most popular plus-size model in New York. However, it really begs the question as to whether these horrible words said to Paloma are this brand’s to re-use, and if true empowerment really lies in the model herself reclaiming the language.

People are horrified by Revolve’s move, and many people on Twitter wrote that even though this shirt was designed to “encourage” people to lose weight and not make fun of them, it’s BS. Others have been absolutely disgusted by the insanity of the price, which is $168.

Social activist Florence Given reached out to both Paloma and LPA – the designers of the shirts. She stated that Paloma is “horrified” at how her quote is being used, and she “is asking for her quote to be pulled” from the line.

Florence also reports that LPA said that “the sweatshirts went up early on Revolve for some reason”, and they explained that “it’s a collaboration with five women with the worst troll quotes, and the point was to shine the light on how horrible trolling is”.

They added that the proceeds benefit charity, so it’s the opposite of what it seems.

LPA, reportedly, also said that the celebrities submitted the quotes to the brand and that they had nothing to do with the way Revolve photographed and marketed them.