Fashion Knows No Gender! Here’s a List Of Celebrities Ignoring Gender Norms In Fashion


Harry Styles made headlines a few weeks ago with his appearance on the cover of Vogue and DAMN, and we must admit he looked fabulous!

Many people, especially conservative trolls, tried to bash him online for wearing dresses.

Harry Styles is most certainly not the first man nor the first celebrity to crush the gender expectations when it comes to fashion, and there are many notable examples of people of all genders that have crushed gender barriers when it comes to fashion. Here are some examples:

Oh, but first, let’s clear something out: You can wear WHATEVER the hell you want, whenever you want it!

1. Billy Porter

2. Young Thug

3. Camila Cabello

4. Bad Bunny

5. Amandla Stenberg

6. Jonathan Van Ness

7. Jennifer Lopez

8. Sam Smith

9. Michael Urie