Fans Believe Brie larson Just Came Out In Personal YouTube Video


Brie Larson fans believe that the Captain Marvel actress may have just come out as a lesbian in a new YouTube video. There’s already an overwhelming amount of support around the information, even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet.
Larson joined YouTube last year, and has since provided her fans with a lot of content that shows her in a more natural and everyday light.

Many viewers were shocked by a recent video, however, and some feel that she suggested she might be gay. As it turns out, Larson was taking an online quiz about herself on YouTube, and one answer stood out among the rest.

When asked which Brie Larson character you are, the actress found out that her answers matched her with Mason Weaver from Kong Island. As the video continued, the actress answered a question about how she would spend recess as a 10-year-old girl, and the answer excited many of her fans.

She answered: ‘searching WikiHow on the library computer for “how do you know if you’re gay?’
Many took the hint and believe that it was her way of coming out to the world. The actress is yet to post any public comments on the matter.
Of course, sexuality is a spectrum, and the answer isn’t necessarily Larson coming out.

Source: Unilad