European Parliament Declares EU An ‘LGBT Freedom Zone’


As a direct response to Poland’s anti-gay measures, the European Parliament is set to pass a resolution in which it declares the whole of the EU ‘an LGBTIQ freedom zone’.
The European Parliament will declare the entire EU ‘an LGBTIQ freedom zone’. This primarily comes in response to Poland, where several municipalities have declared themselves ‘zones free of LGBT’ ideology. Although the resolution is somewhat symbolic, it calls on the European Commission to use all available tools to ensure that the rights of LGBT people are respected in Poland, including the infringement procedures, Article 7, and the new rule-of-law mechanism attached to the EU budget.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen decared ‘LGBT-free zones have no place in our union’ in her 2020 State of the Union address. The European Parliament resolution is meant to put pressure on the European Commission to take concrete steps to halt the discriminatory measures that are being pushed in Poland.

According to the resolution, the decisions of the Polish municipalities ‘are part of a broader context of increased discrimination and attacks against the LGBTIQ community in Poland’, which include ‘growing hate speech by public authorities, elected officials, and the current President.

Polish activist Bar Staszewski told BIRN that it’s a very important resolution and another step to put pressure on the European Commission to stand up for LGBT rights.