Doctor Puts On 6 Face Masks To Prove They Don’t Lower Oxygen Levels


Dr. Maitiu O Tauthail is a Dublin-based doctor who had dozens of misinformed patients asking him if face masks work, and if they lower the oxygen levels in their bodies when they wear them. In order to make it easy for everyone to understand it, he filmed a video in which he explained how face masks work and whether they lower our oxygen levels or not. In the video, he stands next to a machine that measured oxygen saturation levels in the blood, and he puts on a medical mask. Then he puts on another one. And another one, until he puts on not two, not three, but six face masks on his face! The numbers on the display, though, don’t change. The oxygen saturation levels remain in the 98 and 99 percent range, which means that face masks don’t have anything to do with the oxygen levels in your body!

Although face masks are not mandatory everywhere in the U.S., they’re recommended pretty much everywhere in the world, especially in public settings and in crowded places. Face masks DO work, and many researchers believe that broader mask use is the key to control the pandemic.